Confessions of the family band and octagon degus

by Wuuut Huuus

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WUUUT HUUUS - Confessions of the family band and octagon degus (2017)

Recorded with one microphone. No further processing. No source materials, no effects, no overdubs

Alto sax - Gargamelek
Drumkit - Chumaeva
Piano - Vdova Povidlova (age 8)

Recorded Imatra, Finland. Thanks: Torsofuck

This is demo cassette item for venues/squats with a complete lack of sound equipment in an attempt to get gigs there too. Wuuut Huuus here going for unplugged in its pure way - just tackling the instruments and fuck shit up - i.e. early Marion Brown matter.


released February 6, 2017


tags: jazz Fleetwood